Having problems with your transmission?
We are here to help!

  • Please fill out our Transmission Diagnostic Form (Be as detailed as possible).

  • If it is a SOUTHERN HOTROD LLC transmission, we will need the serial number. 
    NAG1 722.6 serial numbers are located on the driver side of the bell housing near the cooler line.
    8HP series serial numbers are located on the pan rail near the bell housing on the driver side.
    All SOUTHERN HOTROD LLC serial numbers are 5 digits.

  • Check your transmission fluid level and condition. LOW or HIGH fluid level can cause abnormal transmission operation.
  • Perform a full DTC "Diagnostic Trouble Code" scan and record ALL DTC's.

  • Verify that the Engine is mechanically sound and has a proper calibration.
    (Proper engine operation is essential for proper transmission operation).

  • Verify that there are no broken drive line components (i.e. Drive shaft, axles, differential)

  • ALL transmissions sent in for repair MUST have a RGA number assigned by SOUTHERN HOTROD LLC.

  • Send us a DATA LOG of the event, if possible. (HP Tuners or Diablosport)