Q: What is the correct fluid level in my NAG1 722.6 transmission?
A: 65 mm at operating temperature.

Q: How do I fill and/or check the fluid level on my 8HP70 transmission?
A: Click /HERE/

Q: Do I need “Torque Management” for my transmission to operate?
A: YES, YES, and YES! “Torque Management” is vital for your transmission to operate reliably. 

Q: Does SOUTHERN HOTROD offer a Warranty on their transmissions?
A: Yes. We offer a Limited Warranty! Call us for details. 888.244.4364 

Q: Will i be required to return a core for my transmission and/or my torque converter?
A: Yes. You will need to return your NAG1 722.6 transmission and torque converter core(s). If you choose not to return them, you will be charged for the core(s).