SHR WAR VIKING 722.9 4Matic

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Usually ships in 3-5 business days after we receive your transmission.
ALL 722.9 series transmissions must be sent in to SHR for build. Proper Engine and Transmission calibration required.

You will need to send SHR your transmission for us to build.

After you purchase online, we will contact you to setup pickup via truck freight. 

Engineered for the most demanding high powered Mercedes-Benz vehicles.


  • Raybestos GPZ friction material K1, K2, K3, B1, B2, B3, BR
  • K3 and B1 steels
  • Machined K2 piston
  • Machined K3 piston
  • MAX Capacity K3 clutch support
  • B2 top steel
  • MAX duty O-ring and seal kit
  • Filter
  • Intermediate plate
  • MB aluminum Valve Body bolts
  • MB aluminum Bell Housing bolts
  • MB aluminum pan bolts 

Our build process...

  • Complete transmission tear down
  • Thorough parts wash
  • Complete and detailed inspection
  • Measure all critical dimensions
  • Full "DRY" stack up build 
  • Set friction clearance to SHR specification
  • Valve Body tear down
  • Clean and Inspect valve body
  • Vacuum test all valves
  • Machine and replace valves as needed
  • Full hydraulic operational verification test (Valve Body)
  • Bead blast transmission case
  • Final "WET" build







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